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Guess Who

Cornelius Van Til stands as the prince of twentieth-century Christian apologetics. He has had by far the most profound impact on my own thinking of all my teachers. His theological insight and prophetic witness have been a conscience, if not … Continue reading

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A Bit of Campy Humor

Pun absolutely intended. This Rapture FAQ, written by a professor for his students, has been floating through the intertubes, but I believe the original is here. Q: With the rapture coming, should I bother working on my final paper? A: … Continue reading

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Come and Eat

Sorry, this is not an insightful meditation on John 6, or Rev 3:20, or Isaiah 55; rather, I want you to come, buy and eat, with money! I’m a Calvinist Cadet Corps Counselor (and webmaster for the Southern California Council). We’re raising money … Continue reading

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Why the Conservatives Are of No Help

  The ugly truth is that the refusal by many former cultural conservatives to ordain females to special ecclesiastical was never principled or biblical in the first place. Eventually that refusal became just an embarrassment. Without any basis in biblical … Continue reading

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