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Who Said That?

A denial of our creatureliness leads to a denial of the various ways we are indebted and gives rise to the autonomous individual. Autonomous individuals are marked by ingratitude, for their faces are turned unstintingly toward the blinding light of … Continue reading

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WCF Says No on Gay Marriage

To pull a trick from Zrim’s bag, I think it’s time for a re-post, revised and expanded for our current times (because if the Outhouse is about anything, it’s about Relevance!) The question came up what (R/W/Z)2K’ers think of the … Continue reading

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Attention Rushies and Beckies

You may not be as conservative as ye think. Darryl Hart’s latest is, of course, good for an expanded commentary on what it means to be conservative in America. But for those looking for a more succinct but no less … Continue reading

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One Lord, One Baptism, One Sentiment

This is so DGH, it’s not worth trying to Guess Who: An implicit assumption of faith-based politics is that people who hold the same religious convictions will, or at least should, look at the political order in similar ways. Some invoke … Continue reading

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Heartland Evangelicals Enter the Political Octagon

The Family Leader’s mission is to be “a consistent, courageous voice in churches, in the legislature, in the media, in the courtroom, in the public square… always standing for God’s truth .”  Given that lofty description, eyebrows are being raised … Continue reading

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Being Politically Incorrect but Right Anyway

Someone once said that the problem with our time is how it has moralized politics and politicized faith, which is to say, the categories of politics, morality and religion have been thrown up into the air like so much sand. … Continue reading

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