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Heartland Evangelicals Enter the Political Octagon

The Family Leader’s mission is to be “a consistent, courageous voice in churches, in the legislature, in the media, in the courtroom, in the public square… always standing for God’s truth .”  Given that lofty description, eyebrows are being raised … Continue reading

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What Do Bill Maher and A Southern Baptist Pastor Have in Common?

They both think a religious set of beliefs not theirs is enough to disqualify someone for public office. During the 2008 Presidential campaign Bill Maher was interviewed on NPR about his film “Religulous.” Just before the ten minute mark, Teri … Continue reading

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Doing Justice to Equity

Our old friend Kazooless has been serializing his talk from Hoagies & Stogies: Open Mic Night about the historicity of Theonomist thought throughout the Reformation. The fourth and latest installment has quotes from Calvin, which made me think in a … Continue reading

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The Power of Venn

Yes, it’s the season for re-runs, or in this case a re-run of a re-run. Coupled with a post at Stuff Christian Culture Likes which makes the point about how glorified moralism is ill-at-ease with living in the gray, a … Continue reading

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Of Geese and Ganders

Despite observations like this or this, critics of two-kingdom critiques like to point out how the criticism of church-state confusion is disproportionately weighted against those who conflate political conservatism with Christianity. Evidently, little if anything at all, is said about … Continue reading

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It Cuts Both Ways

Last year, to fill my commute, I listened to Calvin’s Institutes (well, heard may be a better description for much of it), as podcasted by Princeton Seminary’s Year With the Institutes project. This year, I’m listening to Augustine’s City of … Continue reading

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Stackhouse Weighs In

Here’s a view of Manhattan from north of the border on a Declaration that seems “strangely useless”: Given the provenance of the document being the American Religious Right, therefore, it will surprise precisely no one that the document declares that … Continue reading

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