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Advantage 2K

Since this nugget was quoted in none of the responses to DGH’s response to the response to the response to the…, I thought it would be good fodder for a discussion here in the ‘house. From DVD’s Nth level response … Continue reading

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New Audio Links

When someone gives me a sermon or lecture to listen to, I usually don’t. Well, I hope you’re not like me. Below are some links to some helpful 2K lectures. I’ve also added them to the “The Tempting Sounds” list … Continue reading

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Non-Westminster Catechism

Speaking of creating a new catechism… I’m in favor of revising confessions and catechisms, in principle. For instance, I think we could use some language about male ordination. And how about nailing down IAOC? It would be nice to replace … Continue reading

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Religious Bigotry, Like Sin, Is an Equal Opportunity Affliction, or Toward a Better Anti-Catholicism

Much of the brouhaha over Jason Stellman’s development has garnered a lot of chatter over the Catholic-Protestant divide, the sound of a squeaky wheel being reinvented.  In the process, strong language tends to give way to incivility. Even those of … Continue reading

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Two Kingdoms Is Protestant

With all due respect to my fellow Outhouser who approvingly linked us to Carl Trueman’s response to Jason Stellman’s developed views, there is a better way to assess the correlation between those views and two kingdom theology. The latter is … Continue reading

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One Lord, One Baptism, One Sentiment

This is so DGH, it’s not worth trying to Guess Who: An implicit assumption of faith-based politics is that people who hold the same religious convictions will, or at least should, look at the political order in similar ways. Some invoke … Continue reading

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Preaching on the Plains

As OHS DGH has noted, there is something peculiar about the OPC that causes it to write histories of itself. I am pleased to announce another data point on that arc; Preaching on the Plains, the memoir of David K. … Continue reading

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