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A Reformed Elixir for Labor Day Friday

Riddlebarger plus Gaffin equals a realistic amillennialism that is characterized by a fully detached involvement (or fully involved detachment), which good medicine against all manner of redemptive transformationalism and theocratic tendencies. Bottoms up and cheers. Advertisements

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A Bit of Campy Humor

Pun absolutely intended. This Rapture FAQ, written by a professor for his students, has been floating through the intertubes, but I believe the original is here. Q: With the rapture coming, should I bother working on my final paper? A: … Continue reading

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Guess Who

No Googling, you know the drill… Americans are not a people accustomed to suffering. We are used to winning, to succeeding, to getting ahead. We want to be “seen at the top.” We plan careers and make career moves. We … Continue reading

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Cult Affects Culture? (part 3)

“If you knew the Lord was returning tomorrow, how would that affect your passion for political and social issues?” Actually, that is an important question the New Testament itself encourages us to ask. In I Cor. 7:31, the Apostle admonishes … Continue reading

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Guess the Good Guy

  This fact—that man cannot escape his eschatological orientation or the desire for heaven placed within him by his Maker—is what makes the unbeliever’s art so profoundly meaningful… …Paul’s point in this passage [Romans 8:23-25] is that the cosmos groans, … Continue reading

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