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The Second Awakening Looks at the First

Thanks to This Day in Presbyterian History, here are some excerpts from an article in The Charleston Observer, dated 14 Apr 1838: 11. No heavier curse can fall upon a community, than a spurious revival. Stupidity is dreadful; but it … Continue reading

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Surprise! Guess who’s Presbyterian…

It seems to me common knowledge that Charles Finney was ordained as a Presbyterian minister, but I had never heard that Billy Sunday was as well. Apparently Sunday was ordained in 1903. He died this day in 1935. Read more … Continue reading

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One Lord, One Baptism, One Sentiment

This is so DGH, it’s not worth trying to Guess Who: An implicit assumption of faith-based politics is that people who hold the same religious convictions will, or at least should, look at the political order in similar ways. Some invoke … Continue reading

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Sunday Friday: The Booze Sermon

Billy Sunday (1862-1935) preached before perhaps eighty million people during what is popularly known as the Second Great Awakening. An itinerant revivalist, he was a driving force behind the Prohibition movement.  We’ll use “Sunday Fridays” to let him speak for himself as … Continue reading

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Heartland Evangelicals Enter the Political Octagon

The Family Leader’s mission is to be “a consistent, courageous voice in churches, in the legislature, in the media, in the courtroom, in the public square… always standing for God’s truth .”  Given that lofty description, eyebrows are being raised … Continue reading

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Who’s Walking Whose Sawdust Trail?

This Saturday there were Bible verses, Contemporary Christian Music, professions, confessions, tears, and shouts of “amen!” from the pews.  A revival, you ask?  No, it was the Thanksgiving Family Forum in Des Moines, hosted by The Family Leader. If The … Continue reading

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I’m Just Asking

One of the more vivid memories I have upon exiting broad secularism and entering the funda-evangelical world in the early 1990s was attending a small Bible study in the little IFCA church. Like many former evangelicals will attest, not much … Continue reading

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