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Sunday Friday: The Need of Revivals

Billy Sunday (1862-1935) preached before perhaps 80 million people during what is popularly known as the Second Great Awakening. An itinerant revivalist, he was a driving force behind the Prohibition movement. Whether he was a shaping influence on conservative American … Continue reading

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The Best Thing to Happen to Lutheranism Since Calvinism

I may have tacked notices to the side of the Outhouse before about resources (in particular, audio resources), but this time, seriously, this is my Favorite. Is WHI too stodgy for you? Is WWDTM not theological enough? Well, from Pirate … Continue reading

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They’re Baaack

It’s the same game of “singling out men as spiritual creatures, with a side helping of masculinity,” but this time it’s to capture men by way of women (and Messianic Jews). Speaking of ecclesiology and mission lately, it’s fun when secular … Continue reading

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How Does it Feel?

A couple of months ago I was presented with the golden opportunity to go and see Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson for free. The former is a favorite artist of mine and the latter one whose music I thoroughly enjoy. … Continue reading

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Speaking of the Eighth Commandment…

These things are a dime a dozen, and I normally don’t pay much attention for a host of what I hope are obvious reasons. But for kicks and giggles while the office’s machinery was firing up I took the test. … Continue reading

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People Aren’t Fish And Poaching Isn’t Fishing

Even if your theology is great, even if your church is wonderful, even if your community is the best group of people on earth, as soon as you approach someone with the intention of recruiting them into your theology or … Continue reading

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