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It’s Funny Because It’s True

Mark Mitchell at the Front Porch Republic wants to make an important distinction between patriotism and nationalistic exceptionalism. Drawing on Edmund Burke, the basic idea is that “…love naturally begins with the small, local, and personal and emanates outward from … Continue reading

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Attention Rushies and Beckies

You may not be as conservative as ye think. Darryl Hart’s latest is, of course, good for an expanded commentary on what it means to be conservative in America. But for those looking for a more succinct but no less … Continue reading

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Jason Peters on Allen Ginsberg: Mocking the Fear-Mongers

There was a lot of talk last week in the ramp up to being ramped up. Some cyber-pulpits wondered what others might be saying come nine eleven (comments contemplating the impropriety and potential dangers of such preaching importing false hopes … Continue reading

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Of Civic Friendship, Civility and Self-Restraint

For those who look with relative bewilderment at a larger Protestant America that touts itself as conservative but behaves progressively in matters not only of faith but also life, Patrick Deneen has a nice little bit over at the Front Porch Republic. Quoth … Continue reading

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The Teacher Lives

On the Eve of a New Year, the blogosphere is predictably lit up with all sorts of sunni-o-sity. Reformed evangelicalism, just as predictably, joins in the fray (is glorified resolving finally any different regular resolving?). But I prefer the sort … Continue reading

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O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

There is Reformed chatter of late over the season and its reason, or non-reason, depending on who you ask. The arguments for the latter are well formulated enough. I’m hoping that those inclined to put the kabosh on nativity-ism and advent-i-osity … Continue reading

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A More Sober Take

The movie was less than classic, and I’m a little embarrassed to refer to it. But in Father of the Bride Martin Short told Steve Martin that “every party has a pooper, and that’s you, George Banks.”  Poor George, he was just … Continue reading

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