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Guess Who

Cornelius Van Til stands as the prince of twentieth-century Christian apologetics. He has had by far the most profound impact on my own thinking of all my teachers. His theological insight and prophetic witness have been a conscience, if not … Continue reading

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Water is Thicker than Blood

Heard an intriguing quote from an unlikely source during my commute .mp3 listening. The discussion started in relationship to how “Christmas” seems to get earlier and earlier every year, no longer held back by the buffer of Thanksgiving. I bet … Continue reading

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Guess the Good Guy

All the regular rules apply: God is wise, social, linguistic, imaginative, rational, aesthetic, etc., and He has made one creature with similar attributes, albeit on a creaturely scale.  Only such creatures have any chance of caring well for His creation.  … Continue reading

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Guess the Good Guy

We are constantly told, it is true, that there ought to be an equal opportunity for all the children in the United States; therefore, it is said, Federal aid ought to be given to backward states. But what shall we … Continue reading

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Guess the Good Guy

Do we then discard the doctrine of imputation, as maintained by the orthodox theology in opposition to the vain talk of the Pelagians? By no means. We seek only to establish the doctrine; for without it, most assuredly, the whole … Continue reading

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Guess the Quote

This isn’t really a “Who Said That” or a “Guess the Good Guy.” The quote is obviously from a document. So, can you guess which document (original source)?

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Guess the Good Guy

Does it follow, therefore, that the sooner we stop our observation of life the better, so that we can seek the rules of state polity outside life in Holy Scripture? This is how some mistakenly think that we reason…However, the … Continue reading

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