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Two Great Tastes that DO Go Great Together

The latest from OHS Horton is a must-read. Is he rebuking the Outhouse in the following concluding points? 1) Regardless of the historical accuracy of our definitions, what we call “pietism” today is different from the piety exhibited in the … Continue reading

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When Sociability is Mistaken for Spirituality

In an extroverted world and church it happens as easily as thinking that “enthusiasm” is next to godliness—which is understandable, since the etymology of the very word reveals that it has something to do with being possessed of divine attributes … Continue reading

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Introverts of the World (and Church), Unite!

Of course, there is the elephant in the living room called “Warmed Over Pietism, and Potentially Recasting the Gospel to Meet the Felt Needs of the Introvert,” but speaking as card-carrying and unapologetic introvert, there is still quite a bit … Continue reading

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