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Luther vs Calvin(?) on Images

First off, here’s Luther (described by Heiko Olbermann, quoted by RSC): With regard to Luther’s judgment on images, we are not in the dark. In his report to his confidant Nikolaus Hausmann on the situation he found in Wittenberg, he … Continue reading

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Have You any Woolley?

Yes sir, yes sir, three posts full! (and probably more) The OPC is a bit of a black sheep of a denomination, so I guess it should be no surprise it would have some Woolley, but I had never heard … Continue reading

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WCF Says No on Gay Marriage

To pull a trick from Zrim’s bag, I think it’s time for a re-post, revised and expanded for our current times (because if the Outhouse is about anything, it’s about Relevance!) The question came up what (R/W/Z)2K’ers think of the … Continue reading

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This Week in 2K History

For your consideration, here are a couple of interesting data points in 2K History from This Day in Presbyterian History over the last week. May 16, 1861: A Political Issue Divides the Old School General Assembly: Rev. Gardiner Spring, the … Continue reading

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Sunday Friday: The Booze Sermon

Billy Sunday (1862-1935) preached before perhaps eighty million people during what is popularly known as the Second Great Awakening. An itinerant revivalist, he was a driving force behind the Prohibition movement.  We’ll use “Sunday Fridays” to let him speak for himself as … Continue reading

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