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Luther vs Calvin(?) on Images

First off, here’s Luther (described by Heiko Olbermann, quoted by RSC): With regard to Luther’s judgment on images, we are not in the dark. In his report to his confidant Nikolaus Hausmann on the situation he found in Wittenberg, he … Continue reading

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Taste, Touch, Handle

…that you may consecrate to God an enriched man. From This Day in Presbyterian History, Machen reflects on his father. I especially enjoyed this bit: He was a profoundly Christian man, who had read widely and meditated earnestly upon the … Continue reading

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Can Presbyterians Revive?

Here’s a follow-up from the previous post. Again, from This Day in Presbyterian History, the editor opens with skepticism: I came across the following account of a series of revivals that took place in North Carolina in 1802. Presbyterians don’t … Continue reading

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Speaking of Common Grace…

What do Abraham Kuyper and Jean Valjean have in common?  An at once modest but high view of political institutional power. But too often the freedom championed today is the freedom of the antinomian revolutionaries, a blanket “freedom from” with no … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the New City Catechism

Last time, we noticed that The Gospel Coalition (Tim Keller and Sam Shammas) had released a new catechism, named the New City Catechism (direct PDF download). Heidelblog has already provided a good deal of helpful commentary, which I don’t want to … Continue reading

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Non-Westminster Catechism

Speaking of creating a new catechism… I’m in favor of revising confessions and catechisms, in principle. For instance, I think we could use some language about male ordination. And how about nailing down IAOC? It would be nice to replace … Continue reading

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No Blue

Echo’s assertion that the sky is blue reminded me of one of the most fascinating things I’ve ever heard on the radio (maybe I have to add Radiolab to WWDTM and Table Talk Radio on my podcast list). Do yourself … Continue reading

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