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Taste, Touch, Handle

…that you may consecrate to God an enriched man. From This Day in Presbyterian History, Machen reflects on his father. I especially enjoyed this bit: He was a profoundly Christian man, who had read widely and meditated earnestly upon the … Continue reading

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Advantage 2K

Since this nugget was quoted in none of the responses to DGH’s response to the response to the response to the…, I thought it would be good fodder for a discussion here in the ‘house. From DVD’s Nth level response … Continue reading

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Non-Westminster Catechism

Speaking of creating a new catechism… I’m in favor of revising confessions and catechisms, in principle. For instance, I think we could use some language about male ordination. And how about nailing down IAOC? It would be nice to replace … Continue reading

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Two Kingdoms Is Protestant

With all due respect to my fellow Outhouser who approvingly linked us to Carl Trueman’s response to Jason Stellman’s developed views, there is a better way to assess the correlation between those views and two kingdom theology. The latter is … Continue reading

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Even More Reasons to Like Lutherans

The first two are here and here. The third is here.

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Work Smarter, Not Harder

I’m not normally given to certain Americanism’s, but this one seems much better than “The last four letters in ‘American’ are I CAN!” It’s especially true when the point here dovetails nicely with something I’ve always thought as well: Bible … Continue reading

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What the Lapsed Episcopalian Knew All Along

A recent post at OldLife got me thinking about this old post. To be sure, the larger point of the OldLife post is golden. But it entails this whole question about substance use and worldly amusement. I was raised by … Continue reading

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