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Luther vs Calvin(?) on Images

First off, here’s Luther (described by Heiko Olbermann, quoted by RSC): With regard to Luther’s judgment on images, we are not in the dark. In his report to his confidant Nikolaus Hausmann on the situation he found in Wittenberg, he … Continue reading

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The Gospel According to Billy Connolly

Billy Connolly, discussing his youthdom in Catholic school: I never met a  priest on earth who could tell you anything about heaven, but they knew every square inch of hell. Robert Burns said he can only presume it’s because they’ve … Continue reading

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Taste, Touch, Handle

…that you may consecrate to God an enriched man. From This Day in Presbyterian History, Machen reflects on his father. I especially enjoyed this bit: He was a profoundly Christian man, who had read widely and meditated earnestly upon the … Continue reading

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Patristic Evidence for Penal Substitution

I guess JJS’ discussion over at CCC is finished, but obviously I’m not persuaded away from Penal Substitution (PS). Here for your enjoyment is a pile of quotes from early writers on the topic. Note 1. I did not do … Continue reading

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When did God make America?

It’s over a week out of date now, but I ran into this trail of 4th of July tweets and found them amusing. I don’t know how many of these tweeters were Leno-man-on-the-street level idiots, but it turns out this … Continue reading

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Who Said That

Upon reading this… Books about Christianity and culture often spend much time speaking about cultural activities such as education, vocation, and politics but say little about the church…many of them seem to treat the church as of secondary importance for … Continue reading

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Plus ça Change

With apologies to T. David Gordon (and Nicholas Carr and John McWhorter and Neil Postman and Jacques Ellul)… I couldn’t decide on a title for this post. I was thinking also of “Nothing New Under the Sun”, but when I … Continue reading

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