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Can Presbyterians Revive?

Here’s a follow-up from the previous post. Again, from This Day in Presbyterian History, the editor opens with skepticism: I came across the following account of a series of revivals that took place in North Carolina in 1802. Presbyterians don’t … Continue reading

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The Second Awakening Looks at the First

Thanks to This Day in Presbyterian History, here are some excerpts from an article in The Charleston Observer, dated 14 Apr 1838: 11. No heavier curse can fall upon a community, than a spurious revival. Stupidity is dreadful; but it … Continue reading

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Surprise! Guess who’s Presbyterian…

It seems to me common knowledge that Charles Finney was ordained as a Presbyterian minister, but I had never heard that Billy Sunday was as well. Apparently Sunday was ordained in 1903. He died this day in 1935. Read more … Continue reading

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T. David Gordon Hymnal (Revised)

Just like the venerable “Blue” Trinity Hymnal was revised into the “Red”, it is necessary for me to revise the T. David Gordon hymnal. Due to some discussion coming out of Hoagies & Stogies, I have some new information that … Continue reading

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Finney Friday: On Being Filled With the Spirit

Here Finney describes the consequences of having and not having the Holy Spirit. For the essay section of today’s examination, describe all the similarities between the Spirit and Charles Finney. Lecture VII: On Being Filled with the Spirit THE CONSEQUENCES … Continue reading

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Finney Friday: Fanatical Foes, Picky Presbyterians

Today Finney describes the Old School opposition to his New Measures, shows his preference for Methodist ministers because they “pour fire” on hearers, complains about Princeton, and likens New Measure critics to Roman Catholics. Lecture XIV: Measures to Promote Revivals … Continue reading

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Finney Friday: The New Measures

“Perhaps it is not too much to say, that it is impossible for God himself to bring about reformations but by new measures.” – Charles Finney Today Finney lectures on three of his revivalistic techniques or “new measures.”  Maybe you … Continue reading

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