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When did God make America?

It’s over a week out of date now, but I ran into this trail of 4th of July tweets and found them amusing. I don’t know how many of these tweeters were Leno-man-on-the-street level idiots, but it turns out this … Continue reading

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What Would Jesus Brew?

From my buddy Mike Hess, owner and proprietor of Hess Brewing (and sole provider of liquid refreshment to Hoagies&Stogies), here’s an unfortunately titled article in the Wall Street Journal. This bit in the middle is about Hoagies&Stogies: For at least … Continue reading

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No Blue

Echo’s assertion that the sky is blue reminded me of one of the most fascinating things I’ve ever heard on the radio (maybe I have to add Radiolab to WWDTM and Table Talk Radio on my podcast list). Do yourself … Continue reading

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Outhouse Anthem

OK everybody, please rise (don’t forget to pull up your pants), remove your hats, place your right hand over your heart, and enjoy the new official Anthem of the Confessional Outhouse, Ode to the Little Brown Shack, by Billy Edd Wheeler: (thanks to Luke … Continue reading

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Two Kingdoms Illustrated

No, I’m not starting a magazine (can you imagine the swimsuit issue?), merely sharing a post from a blog I follow, Anonymous Doctor; in which a Doctor shares anecdotes from his work. Anonymously. In today’s episode, the good (but Anonymous) … Continue reading

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Don’t Skip the Introduction

A great anecdote from Charles Nisbet, who back in the day was friends with the more famous John Witherspoon: For a time, [Nisbet] served as the pastor of the First Presbyterian church on the square of Carlisle, in addition to his … Continue reading

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Who Put the Bible in Biblical Order?

(The title here is referring to a song my kids listen to.) So now that I have exerted my considerable influence as Pope of Geneva to cause all Reformed peoples everywhere to stop saying “Sanctuary” and instead use the new … Continue reading

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