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Taste, Touch, Handle

…that you may consecrate to God an enriched man. From This Day in Presbyterian History, Machen reflects on his father. I especially enjoyed this bit: He was a profoundly Christian man, who had read widely and meditated earnestly upon the … Continue reading

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And Now For Something Entirely Different and Unrelated

Today’s Wondermark! made me think of 2K, so I thought I’d share. Don’t forget to hover the mouse over the comic for the extra punchline in the mouseover text… Obviously, that’s not a Christian Realtor’s Office, or they’d have a … Continue reading

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Have You any Woolley?

Yes sir, yes sir, three posts full! (and probably more) The OPC is a bit of a black sheep of a denomination, so I guess it should be no surprise it would have some Woolley, but I had never heard … Continue reading

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Advantage 2K

Since this nugget was quoted in none of the responses to DGH’s response to the response to the response to the…, I thought it would be good fodder for a discussion here in the ‘house. From DVD’s Nth level response … Continue reading

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Now That’s A Communion Rail

In light of the recent dust-up that Darrell Todd (“Scoop”) Maurina’s hit piece has created (again, again, again, and again.But wait, there’s more), an Outhouse correspondent has reached back into the archives and requested something get re-posted. As if Old … Continue reading

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New Audio Links

When someone gives me a sermon or lecture to listen to, I usually don’t. Well, I hope you’re not like me. Below are some links to some helpful 2K lectures. I’ve also added them to the “The Tempting Sounds” list … Continue reading

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