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Surprise! Guess who’s Presbyterian…

It seems to me common knowledge that Charles Finney was ordained as a Presbyterian minister, but I had never heard that Billy Sunday was as well. Apparently Sunday was ordained in 1903. He died this day in 1935. Read more … Continue reading

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Two Great Tastes That Could Go Great Together

  It isn’t altogether surprising that Kevin DeYoung has concluded that confessionalism and pietism need each other.  One could see that coming from two or more posts away. It rather appeals to the democratic-egalitarian-American way of doing not only culture … Continue reading

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One Man’s Velvet

Being something of one of his many modern incarnations, it is little wonder John Piper gushes as he does over George Whitefield.  Oh! the tempatations celebrity affords. Apparently, popularity really is important. Me and my silly admonitions to my children … Continue reading

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Dutch Guilt: An Editorial on an Editorial

  Yesterday I received the latest issue of the Banner magazine, the official publication of my denomination. Guest editor Gary Mulder wants to offer a lesson in popular existentialism (“A Fish Doesn’t Know It’s in Water”). Starting with the observation … Continue reading

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I’m not too interested in tonight’s Presidential town hall to be moderated by Rick Warren at Saddleback Church, I just want to hear a few sound-bites and read a few headlines afterward. But the pre-forum rumblings have me wondering if … Continue reading

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The Protesting Reformed

One of the following announcements recently appeared in the bulletin of a United Reformed church (URCNA). The other, while based on real accusations, I made up for this post in order to make my case. Take a wild guess as … Continue reading

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Who Wrote This?

UPDATED below You know how it goes, you’re searching for one thing and you find something else. Well, I found this quote without even looking for it:

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