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Guess Who

Cornelius Van Til stands as the prince of twentieth-century Christian apologetics. He has had by far the most profound impact on my own thinking of all my teachers. His theological insight and prophetic witness have been a conscience, if not … Continue reading

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A Double-Edged Sword

It takes a lot of background to fully appreciate today’s XKCD. First, you have to know who Donald Knuth is (the world’s greatest living computer scientist), and that he has a standing reward of $2.56 (256 pennies is a ‘hexadecimal … Continue reading

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With Friends Like These…

The answer to the last quotable was interesting for what it suggested about living as pilgrims check-to-jowl amongst the heathen. But imagine testifying before the House and Senate on the proposed Department of Education saying what Van Til does in … Continue reading

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