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Have You any Woolley?

Yes sir, yes sir, three posts full! (and probably more) The OPC is a bit of a black sheep of a denomination, so I guess it should be no surprise it would have some Woolley, but I had never heard … Continue reading

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Advantage 2K

Since this nugget was quoted in none of the responses to DGH’s response to the response to the response to the…, I thought it would be good fodder for a discussion here in the ‘house. From DVD’s Nth level response … Continue reading

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ESV Online Study Bible on sale

Just wanted to highlight a great deal: for the next week, the online version of the ESV Study Bible can be purchased for just $5.99. Normally the price is $19.99 for eternal access (well, for the duration of this present … Continue reading

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Is He Talking to Us?

Amidst the screeching across the P&R internets in the wake of the nuclear bomb that was dropped yesterday, Carl Trueman stands out as a thoughtful, and even useful voice. Jason Stellman was a man with a high ecclesiology; and high … Continue reading

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How We Know Sola Fide is So Important

It seems that at some point we’ll have to have some discussion here in the ‘house of the most recent Frame job. Horton, in his response, captures very well a thought I’ve had before: This is ironic…that someone who is … Continue reading

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A Crucial Question: Westminster on Bonhoeffer

Indeed, what part of Romans 13 or 1 Peter 2 implies that civil disobedience, to say nothing of conspiracy to assassinate a magistrate, is a Christian virtue? The Valiant for Truth wonders: Here’s a crucial question: should “minister of the … Continue reading

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