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Who Said That

Upon reading this… Books about Christianity and culture often spend much time speaking about cultural activities such as education, vocation, and politics but say little about the church…many of them seem to treat the church as of secondary importance for … Continue reading

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Guess Who

Cornelius Van Til stands as the prince of twentieth-century Christian apologetics. He has had by far the most profound impact on my own thinking of all my teachers. His theological insight and prophetic witness have been a conscience, if not … Continue reading

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Who Said That?

A denial of our creatureliness leads to a denial of the various ways we are indebted and gives rise to the autonomous individual. Autonomous individuals are marked by ingratitude, for their faces are turned unstintingly toward the blinding light of … Continue reading

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Guess Who

Who is the writer? And even more, who is the writee? (I quote loosely, to avoid dropping clues) They developed four distinctive emphases: They preferred the subjective to the objective (“heart” to the “head”) They preferred the spontaneous to the … Continue reading

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Water is Thicker than Blood

Heard an intriguing quote from an unlikely source during my commute .mp3 listening. The discussion started in relationship to how “Christmas” seems to get earlier and earlier every year, no longer held back by the buffer of Thanksgiving. I bet … Continue reading

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Guess the Good Guy

We are constantly told, it is true, that there ought to be an equal opportunity for all the children in the United States; therefore, it is said, Federal aid ought to be given to backward states. But what shall we … Continue reading

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Who (just now) Said That?

  It is easy to miss the radical nature of Christian membership, particularly if we approach it from a modern, individualistic point of view. Membership is here reduced to one’s voluntary and occasional participation in a group (as when I … Continue reading

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