Graffiti (Outhouse Abbreviations)

Here are some abbreviations you may find scratched on the wall here in The Confessional Outhouse:

For a good time call…

  • 2K – “Two Kingdoms (doctrine).” The historic doctrine of the two distinct ages: The present secular age and the age to come. 
  • W2K- “Westminster Two-Kingdom (theory).” The Klinean two-kingdom theology taught presently by several professors at Westminster Seminary California. In essence, this is the same Two-Kingdoms doctrine articulated by Augustine, Calvin, Luther, Vos, Machen and countless other theologians. It’s not any different that regular 2K
  • R2K- The so-called “Radical Two-Kingdom (theory).” A caricature of the theology stated above. A label given to 2K proponents by new-school neo-kuyperians.  
  • CRP- “Confessional[ly] Reformed/Presbyterian”
  • KoG- “Kingdom of God”
  • KoM- “Kingdom of Man”
  • CoW-“Covenant of Works”
  • CoG-“Covenant of Grace”
  • IAOC-“The Imputation of the Active Obedience of Christ”
  • 3F-“Three Forms of Unity”: BCF, HC, and CoD
  • BCF-Belgic Confession of Faith
  • HC or HBC-Heidelberg Catechism
  • CoD-Canons of Dordt
  • WCF-Westminster Confession of Faith
  • WLC-Westminster Larger Catechism
  • WSC-Westminster Shorter Catechism

Wipin’ stock:

  • PREF- “Pietistic/Revivalist/Evangelical/Fundamentalist” (not confessional enough)
  • MTD-Moralistic, Therapeutic Deism (Oprah, Joel Osteen, etc.)
  • NPP/FV/AA-“New Perspective on Paul/Federal Vision/Auburn Avenue” (off the deep end, and no longer confessional)
  • BCF-“Bible Church Fundamentalism”
  • ECT-Evangelicals and Catholics Together” a compromise (and I mean that in a bad way) meant to undo all that nastiness that Luther started
  • QIRE-“Quest for Illegitimate Religious Experience”
  • QIRC-“Quest for Illegitimate Religious Certainty” (‘QIRx acronyms thanks to Outhouse Saint Scott Clark)

10 Responses to Graffiti (Outhouse Abbreviations)

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  2. I just discovered this. LOL!

  3. Bruce S. says:

    1GA ?

  4. Zrim says:

    First Great Awakening. Is that what you’re asking, or whether it should be etched in the wall?

  5. Bruce S. says:

    Get your spray paint out.

  6. a very handy glossary

  7. Jeff Corbin says:

    Love the acronyms but technically speaking “wipin” in “wipin stock” is misspelled unless your goal is to wipe not whip.

  8. RubeRad says:

    Yes, we don’t stock Charmin or Quilted Northern in the Outhouse; so all those other things we keep around so we can rip off a page and wipe (not whip — that wouldn’t work very well!)

  9. This site looks interesting. MTD looks like something you ripped off of Mike Horton’s “Christless Christianity!” I might rip you guys off for a website I’ve been threatening to do. However, if I don’t get kicked off of this one, (like the Puritan one), I might stick around.

  10. RubeRad says:

    This site is interesting. And yes, we grabbed MTD off of WHI, but then again Horton didn’t invent it either, he got it from Christian Smith who did sociology studies of the religion of American teendom (and credits him often). Getting kicked off of PB is not a good omen. Although we put up with a lot around here. I’m not sure if we’ve ever “banned” anybody (or how we would even go about it)

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