Vos BT Study Starting Up

I’m pretty excited about this. If you don’t follow Reformed Forum’s Christ The Center podcast, you should check out the new series just starting on Vos’ landmark work Biblical Theology. In the introduction, host Camden Bucey and guest Lane Tipton talk a little about what Biblical Theology is, how Vos reclaimed BT from German liberals and higher critics, and how the long-running “Vos Group” of “Our Lady of Glenside” is the model for this study.

Even though this is the same Lane Tipton that was taking bizarre potshots at Horton two years ago (CTC 200, 207, 213), it was encouraging to hear him explain how study of Vos helps combat the “twin errors of Theonomy and Dispensationalism” by striking a balance between hyper-continuity and hyper-discontinuity. (See also Kline, lecture 9).

Also encouraging, is the incredibly slow pace planned for this series. Episodes are planned approximately monthly, covering only very small amounts of the book each time. The first assignment is pp 3-11 (Banner of Truth edition). At that rate, even I can keep up!

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