“Interest in him is just going to snowball”

This past Saturday’s Grand Rapids Press had a little write-up about the recent Bavinck symposium held at Calvin College *ARTICLE HERE* (this link will die on 10/10/2008)

The article doesn’t mention any WSCAL representation but I hear OH saint David VanDrunen presented there.

And, check out Lems on Bavinck over at the Reformed Reader.


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3 Responses to “Interest in him is just going to snowball”

  1. mboss says:

    Several years ago as part of one of my religion classes at a certain West Michigan liberal arts college named after a French lawyer-turned-theologian born about 500 years ago, I was required to study Bavinck’s “The Last Things.” Though I didn’t take a whole lot away from it at the time, I fortunately kept my copy of the book and have re-read it in recent years. Top-notch.

  2. Mark VPol says:

    Shane Lems also presented a paper at the conference.

  3. Rick says:

    I know this. I wish he’d post it or try to get it published.

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