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God Can’t Forgive

As is clear from the (few) recent comments around here, it’s been many months since the last post (I have stopped posting about the Vos study because of lack of interest; and suspended following the Vos study because of other things … Continue reading

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Larger Catechism Class

Yesterday was the first class in a proposed 3-quarter (3x13wk) class on the Larger Catechism at EOPC, taught by (it’s all about) me. For anybody that’s interested, resources and recordings can be found online. Yesterday’s class on historical introduction was … Continue reading

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Who’s the Radical?

It was fascinating to witness the shock on the Internet among theonomists and some Neo-Cals over a suggestion I made a few years ago that as a political libertarian I leaned toward the government not seeking to punish sexual perversity … Continue reading

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the myth continues

Haven’t posted in a very long time. Actually forgot I was part of this. But here are a couple of videos selling Christian America you might like.    

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Yeshua: Jehova Saves

From a great Sunday School class this morning on how the Old Testament Joshua prefigures the New Testament Joshua. So when the people set out from their tents to pass over the Jordan with the priests bearing the ark of … Continue reading

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The Quotable Rabbi Duncan

I first encountered Rabbi Duncan a few years ago, via his (famous?) statement to a congregant who was reluctant to partake of the Supper because of her sin; “Take it, woman, it’s for sinners!” was his exhortation. Rev. Prof. John … Continue reading

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Finney Friday: A Wise Minister Will Be Successful

Why Finney? Because he won.  Or, visiting the chicken-and-egg dilemma, because he saw something in his American audience that made him think his approach would work. So, whether he was a lasting influence or there is an enduring American psyche’, … Continue reading

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