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Have You any Woolley?

Yes sir, yes sir, three posts full! (and probably more) The OPC is a bit of a black sheep of a denomination, so I guess it should be no surprise it would have some Woolley, but I had never heard … Continue reading

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Two Kingdoms Illustrated

No, I’m not starting a magazine (can you imagine the swimsuit issue?), merely sharing a post from a blog I follow, Anonymous Doctor; in which a Doctor shares anecdotes from his work. Anonymously. In today’s episode, the good (but Anonymous) … Continue reading

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One Lord, One Baptism, One Sentiment

This is so DGH, it’s not worth trying to Guess Who: An implicit assumption of faith-based politics is that people who hold the same religious convictions will, or at least should, look at the political order in similar ways. Some invoke … Continue reading

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The Mis-education of Origen

The Christian Curmudgeon wonders about the so-called “Christian world and life view.”  Hurrah and hallelujah. But is it really true that if the Curmudgeon’s case is proved true that “…we will still need Christian schools, to counteract the stupidity and … Continue reading

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Guess Who

From a discussion of secular schooling: [Objection:] But participation in state schools is unwise for Christians. It aids and abets a movement toward greater state power, and hence toward a greater domination of unbelief in our society. I respect this … Continue reading

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Rabbit-Foot Theology

Dale Ralph Davis, commenting on 1 Samuel 4, where the Israelites try to use the Ark of the Covenant as a lucky battle-charm, and end up losing it to the Philistines: In spite of Israelite enthusiasm (v. 5; in Israel’s … Continue reading

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Redeeming Money

Wondermark is a webcomic I follow, and today’s episode (the latest in a short series) is worthy of tacking onto the moon-ventilated door of the Outhouse (Click it to view full size): For more on morally redeeming the things of … Continue reading

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